Thomas Sowell - A Self-Made Man


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Thomas Sowell - A Self-Made Man

Thomas Sowell

A Self-Made Man

“Growing up, Thomas Sowell didn’t even know who his real parents were. And he often had no money for new shoes, or even for bus fare.”

Economist Thomas Sowell made himself into the academic giant he is today. But he wasn't always famous. When Thomas left home at 17, all he had in the world fit into a single suitcase.


Delivery: 2-4 Business Days

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  • Hardcover book
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  • Grade level: 2-5

While he looked for work, he often had nothing to eat except stale bread and jam. But Sowell refused to give in to despair or self-pity. And indeed, Sowell went on to be a famous thinker that inspires millions with his ideas on self-reliance and free-market economics.

If you want to teach kids about economics and perseverance, Sowell's story and wisdom will do it.