Masculinity Bundle (5) + FREE Reagan Figurine - $79


Delivery: 2-4 Business Days
Masculinity Bundle (5) + FREE Reagan Figurine - $79

Masculinity Bundle (5) + FREE Reagan Figurine


Let boys be boys. Introduce your son to strong male role models - buy the masculinity bundle today

Bundle includes:

Ronald Reagan - one of the toughest presidents America has ever known.
Rush Limbaugh - who was never afraid to speak his mind.
Alexander Hamilton - an orphan boy would rise to one day take part in the founding of a nation.
John Wayne - the consummate man's man: tough on his enemies, loyal to his friends, a gentleman with women, and deeply committed to those he loves.
Thomas Sowell - who left home at 17 and often had nothing to eat, but refused to give in to despair or self-pity.

+ FREE Ronald Reagan Figurine worth $25


Delivery: 2-4 Business Days

Product details:

  • Hardcover book
  • 19 full-colored double-spread illustrations
  • 46 pages
  • Reading age: 7-12 years
  • Grade level: 2-5