Teach your daughter
the importance of motherhood



For too long, young girls have been taught by our society that motherhood comes in a poor second to having a career. When Amy Coney Barrett joined the Supreme Court, she made it clear that her seven children are as important to her as being a Supreme Justice. That’s why she’s the sort of role model our girls need. 

Children Learn Through Stories

Every parent knows that children love stories. But did you know that children need to hear stories, every bit as much as they need nutritious food? Studies have shown that children who hear stories score better at school tests – but they also show better social and emotional development. In other words, just as good, nutritious food helps your child to grow up physically healthy, so good, wholesome stories help your child to grow up emotionally healthy.

Role Models Matter

At Heroes of Liberty, we’re committed to providing healthy, wholesome stories for your children. Our books are full of decent American values like courage, fortitude, generosity and self-reliance. Each one tells the story of a real life Hero of Liberty, someone who, in their life, embodied the values we promote. Because along with great values, children need strong role models who they can look up to, and whose example they can draw on when faced with challenges of their own.

Why Not Try It?

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