This is a test post. Let's make it look great
This is a test post. Let's make it look great

This is a test post. Let's make it look great

The secret to writing a really great test post is to use a lot of different font formats so that we can see how it will look when published.

This is Heading One

Heading One can be used to break up the text, making it easier to read, but in general it's a little too large for that purpose. Maybe it's better suited to announcements especially when

center aligned

where it will stand out and make a splash for offers, deals, that sort of thing. Let's move on to something that looks a little better.

This is Heading Three

As you can see, it does a better job of breaking up the text into sections without totally overwhelming the body text. This is great news for everyone.

Picture break!

Let's Go Rainbow Crazy in Pride Month

As you can see, we don't have to stick to black text. People come in all different colors, and so should words. Anything less is completely racist. Writing in black text is cultural appropriation. White people should never do it.

And now back to sanity

Now that we have used italics, bold, headlines, center alignment and different font colors, we have tried out most of the features that can be used in this blog. Just one thing remains:

A section of text that is right-aligned, for our Hebrew speaking friends. Yom Tov kulam.