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Faced with subversive educators in our schools, many parents have been left wondering: is there anything parents do to protect their children and undo those harmful lessons? Thankfully, the answer is ‘yes’. We take a look at a number of ways you can fight back. 
Good values are the best protection you can give your child against peer pressure, the temptations of popular culture, and frivolous distractions from the hard work and decency required to lead a successful, fulfilling life. Here, we look at six key values and how to teach them.
President Reagan is remembered today for that clarity of thought, and his unerring belief in freedom. He knew that the Cold War would not be won by allowing communism to continue, but by encouraging the people living in communist countries to demand their own freedom. And he believed that the world is a better place for us all when everyone is truly free. 
While it’s possible to figure out from the context that it’s something liberals like, conservatives don’t, and appears to be connected to political correctness, how many of us know what ‘Woke’ actually means? And does it really matter?

Teaching self-sufficiency has always been one of the most important things parents can do for their children, but in an age in which three quarters of parents with adult children are still having to support them financially, learning self-sufficiency at a young age at home is increasingly crucial.

As parents are increasingly objecting to Critical Race Theory being taught in their children's schools, educators are using Social Emotional Learning to sneak the same material into lessons. Parents need to be aware of the ruse and take steps to protect their children from this damaging ideology.